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The Barrier Constructions For Underarm Shields



There are three kinds of underarm shields. There are Disposable Underarm Shields as well as Washable Underarm Shields and Washable Garment Shields.

Disposable Underarm Shields are one use/one day products. We manufacture 11 different types of disposable underarm shields. All of which are very effective.

Washable Underarm Shields are reusable products that fit neatly underneath the armpit and can be discreetly worn and are attachable by means of snaps, tapes, pins and can also be sew-in. These are available with either a Fabrapel Barrier for light to moderate sweating or with a Vinyl Waterproof Barrier for moderate to heavy sweating. A Vinyl Barrier Shield guarantees that fluid will never pass thru it. This is excellent for excessive sweating. The Fabrapel® Shields are constructed with our patented hypoallergenic, noiseless and heatless treatment which eliminates the vinyl barrier. We recommend these if your sweating is moderate.

Garment Shields (which are worn over the bra and have attached sewn-in underarm shields) offer more stability and confidence because they are garments which fasten around the torso (not just under the arm and armpits like dress shields) and cannot move out of place like dress shields.

Some of our Garment Shield styles are available in a regular sleeve length as well as a short sleeve length. The regular sleeve length extends 3 ¼” under the arm while the short sleeve length extends 2 ½” under the arms.

Kleinert’s® makes a variety of Dress and Garment Shields to suit your convenience and styling needs. These have proven to be highly functional for many years. You will see that our dress and garment shields products will save you significant sums of money on dry cleaning bills.

If you are a first time user, we recommend that you try an assortment of our underarm shields to determine which style best suits your needs.

Suggested Sample Starter Kits For Women:
1 Pack of #U-4903 Ultra Absorbent Disposable Underarm Shields 12 Pair
1 Simply Sheer Valara with Attached Underarm Shields with Fabrapel Barrier Style #1259NF
1 Pair Washable "Ready Adjustable Snap Shields" with Vinyl Barrier Style #1114.

Suggested Sample Starter Kits For Men:
1 Pack of Style #U-4903 Disposable Underarm Shields 12 Pair
1 Sweatproof Crew Neck Undershirt with Attached Underarm Shields Style #FM02


Fabrapel is a multi-patented undetectable hypoallergenic, finish which uniquely provides water-repellency, stain-repellency and retards bacterial growth while eliminating, heat and odors and establishing comfort and confidence. Consequently, Fabrapel is better than any other product barrier for light to moderate sweat protection.

We have been providing Fabrapel for ten years and have received about 99.99% outstandingly positive consumer responses for these products. We created Fabrapel after very occasional consumer comments indicating that the traditional vinyl barrier underarm shields after repeated washings sometimes became cracked, peeled or made noise. No such effects will ever be encountered with noiseless, protective Fabrapel underarm shields. Fabrapel is available in almost all styles and colors.

We do recommend our Vinyl Barrier Underarm Shields whenever you need guaranteed wet-thru and stain protection. Because of the waterproof nature of vinyl, no fluid will ever pass through these barrier shields. All of our regular line Vinyl Barrier Underarm Shields are made with two layers of cotton (one on the inside and one on the outside of the barrier).

We have been making many other products including sweatproof T-shirts, Lacoste style sweatproof T-shirts and incontinence underwear for men and women.

These advanced products are manufactured under US Patent #6,756,076 and patents pending.

For Light to Moderate Sweat Protection: Noiseless and Heatless

Standard Absorbency for Fabrapel Shields:
Light Cotton Absorbent Layer/Outer Layer Fluid-Resistant Fabrapel Cotton

Enhanced Absorbency for Fabrapel Shields:
Highly Absorbent Terry Cloth Cotton Layer/Outer Layer Fluid-Resistant Fabrapel Cotton

For Moderate to Heavy Sweat Protection and Guaranteed Protection:

Standard Absorbency for Vinyl Barrier Shields:
Light Cotton Absorbent Layer/Fluid-Proof Vinyl Barrier/Outer Layer Light Cotton

Enhanced Absorbency for Vinyl Barrier Shields:
Highly Absorbent Terry Cloth Cotton Layer/Fluid-Proof Vinyl Barrier/Outer Layer Light Cotton